Creating Legal and Effective Food Labels for VA Small Food Businesses

Happy Friday VSU Agriculture Friends!

I wanted to share an educational webpage from a class I recently taught on Creating Legal and Effective Food Labels for Virginia Small Food Businesses. Creating legal and effective food labels is a challenge for many small food businesses.

The purpose of this educational webpage is to educate interested small food businesses on the following topics: (a) how to make a simple label in MSWord, (b) Virginia and federal label guidelines, (c) Virginia food regulation contacts, and (d) how to start a food business in Virginia.

Branding is essential for Farmers Market food vendors. Food labels increase profits through brand recognition and consumer loyalty. Food regulations may be confusing to understand and this website provides educational resources to assist producers in understanding food labeling:

Enjoy! If you have educational agricultural marketing topics you’d like to discuss on this blog, I’ll do my best to find out practical answers for you to apply on the farm!

Smiles & Blessings,


Theresa J. Nartea, Extension Specialist-Marketing & Agribusiness

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia State University, PO Box 9081, Petersburg, VA 23806


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