About VSUAg

As part of the outreach efforts and in colaboration with independent farmers this web site is made available to help bring online access to a wealth of information and to extend the accessibility to those who could not attend conferences or events – or for those who want a refresher even if they did attend.

The hosting and editing of videos and presentation materials is the product of many efforts, Planet Earth Diversified, Meet The Farmer TV and Leslie P Jenkins Photography volunteer many technical hours of filming and electronic publishing. The staff of VSU and Coperative Extension provide countless hours of support and encouragement. Special thanks to Dr. Jewel Hairston, Andy Hankins, Dr. Reza Rafie, Chris Mullins, and Dr. Brian Neerie for their close and continual support of our filming and recording of the events, especially at Randolph Farm.

Further thanks to Chris Teutsch for recording of Power Point presentations, and also to Dr. Oluwarotimi Odeh and Mr. Fidelis Okpebholo for involvement of their students assisting in the production and access to the events. We could not have recorded these events without the continued assistance of Ms. Carol Streetman – Herold and all those who answer our emails and phone calls very late at night and very early in the morning.

The technical production of this multimedia site and the videos hosted here require many thousands of dollars in equipment and software in addition to the countless man hours of using them. We would like to thank the manufacturers and software companies that provide educational discounts.

For more information or for technical issues contact Michael Clark – Web Admin

For more information about Virginia State University see VSU School of Agriculture

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