Video Help

What Can I do with the videos?
The Videos produced here are available for educational use under a creative commons license permitting “Use complete and unmodified with no derivation and no commercial use”. This means you can refer to them, embed them, use them in presentations, show them to classes, distribute and share – but you cannot sell them individually or as a collection without written permission. Many of the participants have provided their content free based upon this no commercial use restriction.

The Video stutters or will not play..
HD video is 1280×720 and will play broadcast quality on HDTV or large screen BUT it is a big file and heavy bandwidth hog. If you have difficulty watching the video, use the scale 4 way arrow on the lower right then right click and turn HD off – then you will get a smaller file and lower bandwidth. HD is color highlighted when it is on, grey when off

Where are these videos?
Many of the videos are available on YouTube and Vimeo – some are flash files only on this site. Look for a logo on the player.

Who made these videos?
Everyone at VSU and Cooperative Extension had some part in making this possible. MeetTheFarmer.TV has produced several web and broadcast episodes. Michael Clark, of Planet Earth Diversified; and Leslie Jenkins, of Leslie P Jenkins Photography do most of the on site filming and editing of the events. You Can Too! If you have videos or material to contibute, contact the webmaster, or Dr. Jewel Hairston at VSU. Also at VSU, Dr. Oluwarotimi Odeh is working on creating a group for students to learn video production and editing so that they can contribute to this site.

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