11th Annual Berry Conference

March 21 2019

Dr. John Clark: University of Arkansas – Blackberry Varieties

Dr. Beradine Strik: Oregon State University – Basics of Blueberry Disease Management

Dr. Jonathan Oliver: University of Georgia – Caneberry and Blueberry Disease Management

Dr. John Clark: University of Arkansas – Primocane Blackberry Varieties new opportunities

Dr. Bernadine Strik: Oregon State University – Primocane Blackberry cane management

Dr. Wayne Mitcham: North Carolina State University – Caneberry and Blueberry weed management

Dr. Hannah Burrack: North Carolina University – Insects of caneberry and blueberry 2018 SWD

Dr. Theresa Nartea: Virginia State University – Can Berries Sell Themselves?

Dr. Jayesh Samtani: Virginia Tech – Do supplementary foliar nutrients help increase yield and fruit quality on blackberry?

Dr. Reza Rafie: Virginia State University Jeff and Joey Cole: Cole Berry Farm – Blackberry Basics and managing one acre of blackberry

Special guest: Governor’s Address to the Berry Growers

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