4th Annual USDA Outreach Conference March 14 2011

Dear Grower and Friend of Agriculture:

In an earlier message (dated February 22, 2011) there was an attached flyer inviting the public to participate in the fourth annual USDA Outreach Conference being hosted by Cooperative Extension at VSU on March 14. In this flyer the registration telephone number was listed incorrectly.

The correct number for the toll-free, automated registration line is 1-866-932-8099. Anyone needing special services or accommodations, or more information should call Mark Klingman at (804) 524-5965 or e-mail mklingman@vsu.edu. Attached are the flyer and the registration form with corrected information

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Attached are the flyer and the registration form for the 4th Annual USDA Outreach Conference that will take place on March 14 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Wilder Building at Virginia State University, Petersburg, VA. The goal of this conference is to bring Virginia farmers and the professional staffs of different USDA Agencies to one location, and allow them to interact with each other. Farmers who participate in this conference will learn about many services and benefits provided by different USDA Agencies. This year’s conference includes several educational sessions with in-depth discussions on ‘Conservation & Environment,’ ‘Energy, Bio-Energy,’ ‘Local Food,’ and ‘Keys to Successful Grant Writing.’ This is a free conference. if you are not able to participate in this event, please share this email with other growers who may be interested in attending this conference.
For registration call 1-800-524-8920 or Fax the registration form to 804-524-5714. For more information email: Mark Klingman at mkingman@vsu.edu

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