Food Safety and Home Canning / Processing

Management of Food Safety Risks in Canning and Preserving

One way to enhance availability of healthy locally grown foods year-round is through proper preservation. Fresh foods can spoil quickly if they are not preserved and stored properly. In order to preserve foods successfully and add value to your products, it must be done safely. This presentation will introduce attendees to the condi-tions needed for microorganisms on foods to grow causing spoilage or illness. It will elaborate on how, if these conditions are con-trolled or changed, then foods can be safely preserved for extended periods of time. The presentation will discuss how to safety can, freeze and dry foods at home to extend their shelf-life. Dr. Renee Boyer has a research and Extension appointment in the Food Science & Technology department. Her research focuses on enhancing the quality and safety of fresh and fresh cut fruits and vegetables as well as juice products. Dr. Boyer’s Extension program focuses on consumer food safety education, including safe food handling and preparation in the home, as well as food preservation.

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