Growing Ginger in Virginia Video

Growing Ginger In Virginia, Joint effort bewteen VSU, Cooperative Extension, and VDACS for the growing and promotion of Virginia Grown Ginger. Are you interested in learning about the many benefits of growing ginger?  Then, this video will show you high tunnel production of baby and mature ginger. Reza Rafie, Chris Mullins, and Theresa Nartea of Virginia State University outline the requirements and skills needed for growing ginger in Virginia with interviews by a Virginia Ginger grower Michael Clark of Planet Earth Diversified. Michael and Dr Rafie examine seed selection, planting, and potting up or in ground growing. To see Virginia Grown ginger in practice, we take a visit to Day Spring Farm for planting and harvest with Charlie Maloney. To assist in marketing, Theresa Nartea provides ginger sales data and hints on how small farmers can succeed in marketing Virginia Grown Ginger.

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